NXND VR Flight Experience at Hanger 66

NXND VR Flight Experience at Hanger 66

Located at 66 Seletar Aerospace View, Hanger 66 is a flight themed Cafe in Singapore. They had wanted to create a space for flight enthusiast to come together. However, they felt that traditional interior design element could not adequately bring out the flight experience that they crave to bring to their space.

Looking for a way to bring the flight experience closer to their visitor, they approach us for a solution. To that end, our immersion engineer took a trip down to Hangar 66 for a site study.

After completion of the site study, our engineer identify that majority of the visitors that frequent the cafe as expected are flight enthusiast in one way or the other. They are curious about flight, aircraft, and some had experience playing a flight simulator game before. Apart from that, there are also visitors that are attracted to its flight theme. Lastly, our engineer also noticed that there are a high density of pilots that like to hangout at the cafe.

Arm with the site survey information, our engineer identify that for the VR rig the key requirement that we must keep to is:

  • It must not take up too much space;
  • Immersion is imperative;
  • The rig must be friendly to beginner and intuitive to use;
  • The rig should give an immersive experience, but not limited to a VR experience.
  • Pilot can use the rig to introduce a layer of their flight experience to their family members. (of course our engineer know that nothing beat the real deal)
  • Ultimately, the flight simulator rig must deliver a immersive flight experience that users will come back for more.

And thus, our VR Motion rig was born.

Introduction NXND Computers VR MOTION Rig @ Hanger 66 Cafe


Powered by high performance 4k gaming computer on a 3 degrees of freedom motion platform, guarantee you an unstoppable experience when you take a ride be it flying or racing simulation.

Strap yourself into VR or Non-VR (with head tracker) on our motion platform rig now!


2D Immersion ready with state of the art head tracking technology.


Put on our high-end VR headset, get a feel of the flight control system in our cockpit, and you are ready to start your flight of the day. Not to mention, our friendly Flight instructor is available on-site to guide you along your flight journey.


Afraid of flying in-motion or VR? But still want the level of immersive experience?

Try our 3-screen static setup. Hop into our Static triple screen cockpit and powerup your flight for the same adrenalin filled adventure!

You can also choose to take a scenic flight with Microsoft Flight Simulator if you want a more relaxing experience.

With our 3-screen setup. Panoramic visual experience is no longer limited to the VR space.


Is there age limit?

No. There is no age limit. As long as you can sit comfortably and able to hold the joystick.
*Requires parental presence for under 18.

Can I bring a friend along?

Yes. You can bring a friend along. However, do take note that Covid-19 measure still applies.

Do I need to make a booking?

You can book your flight experience either by calling Hanger 66 or via our online booking form. At Hanger 66, we also accept walk-in.

Do I need to pay for the flight experience?

Yes. Currently the charges are $15 per 10min.

I am new. How do I learn?

Do not worry, our NXND flight specialist will be on-site. They will be able to give you a guided experience.

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