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Flight Simulator

Not just a computer store.

Our Flight SimPCGamingExpert Rig is specially customized to your needs

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Custom Flight Simulator

We build a custom flight simulator specially for your needs and requirements.

Partnership with Flight School

We are partner up with Republic Aeronautic. A private ground flight school that impart you on the knowledge of becoming a future pilot.

Custom PC Build to Order

We help you build a custom PC that is unique to you only.

VR Flight Enabled

Our retail store is rigged up with state of the art VR and Flight Simulator Rig. Ready for you to take your VR Flight with us.

PC Hardware and Parts

Our online store carry a wide variety of PC Hardware and Accessories that suit your needs.

PC & Laptop Repair

We fix your PC/Laptop for you.

Partnership with payment gateway

We accept a variety of payments and also installment. Shop with us and pay your way.

More about NXND Computers

From Kevin, our FAA Qualified Instructor, and a Pilot himself.

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