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 NXND Computers offer a wide selection of computer parts and components both brand new as well as used. Come check them up!

Custom Desktop

Choose your specs, your brands, your parts...

PC Parts and Components

Major brands and products with local Warranty!

PC Joysticks HOTAS

Gaming Accessories

HOTAS, Joysticks, Gamepad, Wheels, all here!

Keyboard and Mouse

PC Peripherals

Affordable gaming or office keyboards and mice...

duo 4k curve flight sim

Flying or Racing Rigs/Sims

Customised your own or buy Ready Made ones..

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Used Items

High quality used PC, Parts and many more...

Our Services & Rates

Please check our some of our servicing rates to help you get a rough gauge of the cost. The list of services and repair is not exhaustive.

NXND Computers is proud to be partners with the following Flight Academies to enhance your dreams and journey to be a complete private pilot or just a hardcore aviation enthusiast.

Republic Aeronautics

Republic Aeronautics

27 Woodlands Industrial Park E1 #02-16K HiangKie Industrial Building Singapore 757718
+65 8801 2872

Fras Flying Club

Lot AO 15/16 Level 1, Cargo Airline Office, Senai Cargo Centre, Senai International Airport Johor Bahru, Senai, Malaysia
+60 12-325 2843

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    Frequently asked questions

    My computer cannot be on, what should i do?

    There are many factors that can contribute to a computer or laptop not able to be powered on. 

    The exact causation would be best determined if we can trouble you to bring your PC to our show and we can do an immediate diagnostic to the cause of your problems.

    Your operation hours do not match my time of availability. Can you make a compromise?

    Yes sir! While we have a listed operating hours, we do provide extended hours or special arrangements to carter to your needs. 

    Please text us so we can facilitate to your convenience. 🙂

    My harddisk died, corrupt or unable to be accessed. What can i do?

    We can do a diagnostic to your harddisk or storage media and ascertain the next best action for you to partake.

    If need to we can also do data recovery and cloning to help you ease your pain of losing those sentimental photos or videos.

    However, do note that data recovery can be unsuccessful at times due to its hardware condition.

    Do you mean I can get my PPL through NXND Computers?

    NXND Computers have strong partnerships with two authourised Flight Academies, Republic Aeronautics and Fras Flying Club.

    You can get your Private Pilot License (PPL) from our of the progression routes that our flight academies partners offered through us.

    Please feel free to give us a buzz if you have any clarifications or queries. 

    Are your computer courses payable with Skill Future Credits?

    We regret to say, at this stage, our courses are not able to be funded through Skills Future Credits.

    We are, however, in the process to attain the authourisation to do so.

    Stay tune with us to get updated.