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Our Products

Custom Desktop

Choose your specs, your brands, your parts...

PC Parts and Components

Major brands and products with local Warranty!

PC Joysticks HOTAS

Gaming Accessories

HOTAS, Joysticks, Gamepad, Wheels, all here!

Keyboard and Mouse

PC Peripherals

Affordable gaming or office keyboards and mice...

duo 4k curve flight sim

Flying or Racing Rigs/Sims

Customised your own or buy Ready Made ones..

NXND Carousell Profile

Used Items

High quality used PC, Parts and many more...

Our Services & Rates

Repairs & Diagnostic


Diagnostic         – Free 

                             (if we cannot repair)

                             – $10

Reformat            – $10

Simple works     – $20

Parts Installations 

Per component – $20 per part

Whole System   – $80

Data Recovery & Related Works


Diagnostic                   – Free 

Tier 1 Recovery (Functional SSD/HDD)

Successful Recovery – $150 

                                          (capped at 1TB)

Attempted Recovery – $50

Tier 2 Recovery (Bad Sectors/HDD)

Recovery per 1 GB       – $10

Data Cloning               – $20

Digitisation Services and




NAS/Cloud Transition

Simple Officer Server

Remote Desktop/Server

Hardware upgrade

PC Restoration

Basic Networking

Computer Classes & Flight Academy


Basics of Computer(60mins) – $88 

     – Learn to DIY/Build a PC

Basic Computing (60mins)    – $88 

     – Microsoft Offices, Windows etc…

Flight Academy (Licensed Instructors)

Private Pilot License (CAAM) – Enquire

1 Day Aviator Trial Class           – $50

1 Month Basic Aviator                – $300