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Custom Flight Rig for Mr A. A

some defence organisation trying out what NXND can offer

Today we are proud to finally deliver a very specialised custom flight rig that is conveniently accessible, solid and involved utilising his beloved Secret Lab chair (we do not judge xD) for Mr A. 

Mr A is an active flight sim enthusiast, he's part of the DCS World SG community and very knowledgeable in the fields of aviation. 

He, however, is not able to find a ready made/off-the-shelf flight rig that could improve his flying experience.

Previously, he got himself a set of Monster Tech HOTAS mount for this Secret Lab chair but it is still unsatisfactory.

Knowing us, NXND Computers as a strong fellow members of DCS World SG and also having upgraded some PC parts from us before, Mr A came to us again and consulted the possibility of having a rig that is tailored to his personal taste. 

As per any bespoke services, we went to Mr A to understand his critical requirements; must use back his Secret Lab chair. must be able him to access into the rig easily, to conveniently able to use the same rig for productivity tasks as well as gaming. 

Over the course of a few weeks (not helped that we had In-Camp Training (a.k.a ICT/Reservist) we  maintained good communication with Mr A on our progress, bodily dimensions and design changes/updates. 

Once Mr A have finished his house renovation, we moved his customised flight rig in. 

Setting up took us about two days with a day in between for metal work fine tuning of the finished product. This is a bespoke product which means the dimension have to be detailed and measured up to the user.

Mr A took the helm of his new custom rig and he came out with a delightful smile stretching from ear to ear. He was surprisingly (sic) pleased how easy and magnificent we are able to incorporate the movement of the seat structure to facilitate entry. The bespoke dimensions of the rig also allowed him to use his computer for work and productivity task without the need to do any furniture adjustments. He is also pleased that the rudder pedals, HOTAS and peripherals are firmly in position making his flying experience much more pleasant than before.

With his "Man Cave" fully furnished, we have seen Mr A doing his flights in server more often nowadays.

We once again, expressed our heartfelt appreciation to Mr A to entrust this project to us and we have enjoyed every inch of the development and serving him.

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