Portfolio Description

We are a specialist in creating bespoke flight simulator rigs for the user. Speak with one of our flight simulator experts about your needs and our expert will help you to bring it to life. We also stock up on many essential flight simulator equipment that you can purchase from our retail or online store.

Our Flight Simulation related services

  • Consultation for Flight Simulators
  • Assembly of Flight Simulators
  • Motion Platforms from 2-DOF, 3-DOF, 6-DOF
  • Off the shelves, Next Level Racing, Mofe Game
  • Assembly of Motion Rig and Flight Rigs Services
  • We also hold flight simulator peripherals
  • Thrustmaster – HOTAS, Rudder, Joystick
  • Elgato – Stream Deck
  • Custom made – F16, F-18 MFD screens, F18 UFC, Cessna, TekCreation*

VR Flight Experience available

Book a VR Flight with us

Book a VR Flight Experience with us. Guided Flight from our VR Flight instructor is also available.

If you are already a flight simulator veteran, you can book a VR flight on our state of the art rig.

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