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About Us

We are formed by couple of computer hobbyists who are trying to bring amazing stuff to you for a reasonable price :)

NXND Computers have a service centre to provide sales collections, repairs and orders.

We are proud to be able to partner with BBen Intelligent Solution Co. on their G 神 (G shen) Gaming Laptops and Computers. BBen laptops and computers are high in quality, customisable and offers amazing performane yet at a competitive price to suits all your needs.

Feel free to chat us up for any queries! :)


We pride ourselves in providing competitive pricing whilst maintaining superb quality and performance.


NXND Computers offers top product specifications which will guarantee you tip top performane and reliability all day long.


The products we offer on top of going through their respective factory stringent test, NXND Computers conduct additional quality checks before getting it onto your hands.


The sky's the limit in NXND Computers. If its technically possible, We can customise to your desire especially for our more creative customers.

Customer Services

Nothing is more important to us than you walking away delighted with our quality and affordable products :) .

What We Offer

Gaming Laptops

NXND Computers are authourised resellers for Asus (Non ROG), Dell, Alienware and BBen gaming laptops

We are also partners with BBen on their G 神 (G shen) Gaming Laptops which offers top quality, premium specs and competitie pricing.

Find out more at our BBen page!

Graphic Cards

NXND Computers are authourised resellers for Asus, PowerColor and Manli high quality GPUs.

Come and grab your GPUs from us at super duper affordable price today!

Customised/DIY Desktops

NXND Computers have been building up and customising computers since 2001. From standard regular looking desktop to liquid cooling or anything you can imagine we dare to make it :)

Gaming Accessories & Pre-Loved Components

NXND Computers offers gaming/computing peripherals from various brands like Razer, Logitech, Havit and many more!

NXND Computers love improving and modifying our own computers. Therefore, we have many parts and accessories that we have regretfully no longer in used. And since we have always take good care of our stuff, they are let go with cut-out pricing but maintaining good functionality.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who exactly is NXND Computers?

We are a bunch of computer fanatics whom grown up knowing the pain to choose our computers or laptops due to limited market options and high cost. Hence, we wanted to provide affordable computers and parts to the gaming community in Singapore once we have grown a bit older. :)

What is BBen Intelligent Solution?

BBen Intelligent Solution is an established computer startup that we, NXND Computer have agreed mutually to bring in their range of gaming laptops to gamers like yourself. We personally went to inspect their production lines to ensure BBen delivers as promised.

I have technical problem, who do I email?

Feel free to drop us an email: askme@nxndcomputers.sg anytime. We will get back to you ASAP.

What are the warranty?

BBen Gaming Laptops are covered by a 1-Year Parts and Manufacture Warranty. Drop your laptops or computer at our Service Centre and we will take care of the rest for you.

Does NXND Computers only deal with BBen laptops?

We are able to provide computer repairs, reformat and DIY/customisation of desktops. We are also exploring further services that we can offer to our customers in the near future.

Can I marry you?

We regret to inform you that most of us are taken and you have to seek greener pasture somewhere.

If you have any queries, please feel free to email us at askme@nxndcomputers.sg